Smoothboi Ezra announces new EP ‘Stuck’, shares new single

Photo by Nicholas O’Donnell

Smoothboi Ezra, the songwriting project of Greystones, Ireland based Ezra Williams, have today announced their new EP Stuck, set to be released on June 11th. They have also shared a tender new single of the same name with an accompanying music video directed by Arthur Studholme and starring non-binary couple El and Lauren.

Ezra’s latest EP ‘Stuck’ takes a closer look at the intricacies of relationships. Written during lockdown to a soundtrack of Angel Olsen, Soccer Mommy and Haley Heynderickx, the EP recalls a formative relationship with sensitivity and maturity scarcely attributed to young people. Speaking about the title track, Ezra says: 

“‘Stuck’ is a song about being in a relationship with someone you care a lot about but you know it’s not going to work out. It’s an unsaid mutual agreement that you can feel the relationship ending but you’re both waiting on the other person to end it.” 

Watch the new video below!


  1. Stuck
  2. Without Me
  3. You
  4. Palm Of Your Hand

Angel Olsen announces new “Song of the Lark and Other Far Memories” 4LP box set

Photo by Kylie Coutts

Angel Olsen has announced a new box set called Song of the Lark and Other Far Memories set to be released on May 7 via Jagjaguwar. The box set includes her last two albums, All Mirrors and Whole New Mess, as well as a bonus LP with bonus tracks, alternate takes, remixes, a cover of Roxy Music’s “More Than This,” and more. Revisit our review of Whole New Mess here. The box set will also come with a 40-page book.

Speaking on the new box set Olsen said;

“It feels like part of my writing has come back from the past, and another part of it was waiting to exist,”

Among the tracks on the Far Memory bonus LP are Johnny Jewel’s remix of “All Mirrors” and Mark Ronson’s remix of “New Love Cassette.” There’s also an alternate version of “Whole New Mess” called “It’s Every Season (Whole New Mess),”.

Listen to the new track below.

Far Memory Bonus LP Tracklist:

  1. All Mirrors (Johnny Jewel Remix)
  2. New Love Cassette (Mark Ronson Remix)
  3. More Than This
  4. Smaller
  5. It’s Every Season (Whole New Mess)
  6. Alive and Dying (Waving, Smiling)

All Mirrors Tracklist:

  1. Lark
  2. All Mirrors
  3. Too Easy
  4. New Love Cassette
  5. Spring
  6. What It Is
  7. Impasse
  8. Tonight
  9. Summer
  10. Endgame
  11. Chance

Whole New Mess Tracklist

  1. Whole New Mess
  2. Too Easy (Bigger Than Us)
  3. (New Love) Cassette
  4. (We Are All Mirrors)
  5. (Summer Song)
  6. Waving, Smiling
  7. Tonight (Without You)
  8. Lark Song
  9. Impasse (Workin’ For The Name)
  10. Chance (Forever Love)
  11. What It Is (What It Is)

Angel Olsen covers ‘Mr. Lonely’

Photo by Armando L. Sanchez

Angel Olsen has shared a new cover of ‘Mr. Lonely’ originally by Bobby Vinton for the soundtrack of Kajillionaire which is set to be released on September 25th in Theatres alongside the soundtrack.

In a post on Instagram Olsen said about the cover “Suddenly there she was. THE MIRANDA JULY. In my text messages. She was working on songs with Emile Mosseri for her upcoming film Kajillionaire, which at the time I knew nothing about. I just so happened to be in Los Angeles. So I met with them both, and we talked about cadence and we talked about life and we talked about the film. And Miranda directed me to sing “Mr. Lonely”, a cover of the 1962 Bobby Vinton single, in the way she and Emile thought it would best represent the feelings behind the film.
It was a lovely experience.
Later, Miranda and I went outside for a little break and we did a little improv with each other. Just us.”

Listen to the new track below.

Angel Olsen – Whole New Mess Album Review

Jagjaguwar – 2020

Growth and change is inevitable for any artist. In the fast paced and ever evolving world we find ourselves in, change is the paradox that stays constant. Over the course of the last ten years Angel Olsen has expanded and amplified her sound to greater feats than any listening to Strange Cacti way back in 2010 would have ever have thought. From the stripped back acoustic folk ballads of Half Way Home, to the crunchy Indie rock banger of My Woman, all the way to last years cinematic and orchestral All Mirrors Olsen’s sound has always sought to be bigger and bolder. All whilst maintaining her signature flair of heartbreak and stories that transcend time. On Whole New Mess, Olsen has come full circle. “The primer and precursor to All Mirrors” is what the hype sticker upon the album states and its pretty accurate. With nine out of these eleven songs appearing on last years standout album, except this time the searing synthesisers and crooning orchestras have been dropped in favour of the dynamic duo of Olsen and her guitar.

Don’t be fooled however, these aren’t the demos, “They all have different feelings” as Olsen puts it. The recording quality may not be as crystal clean, with a plethora of distortion throughout, but the vibrancy of the songs has never been stronger. This raw sound is a testament to the raw talent of Olsen herself. A lot of the prowess of the sound of All Mirrors came from the searing violin and synthesiser melodies, the dancing lead line of the title track being prime example. This time however the melody is solely delivered by Olsen’s intimate vocals that parade through a pool of reverb with the ‘Unfucktheworld’ style guitars chugging along. This is one of only two tracks that does feature some organs from Michael Harris, but as a form of backing instrumentation rather than taking the lead; the soundscapes are missing but they aren’t necessarily missed.

With the tracks that appeared on All Mirrors, it’s hard not to hum the various instrumental movements as the songs play their course. The two new tracks however stand as markers of the albums intimate sound. They don’t need the bravado and it’s hard to imagine where the sparkling synthesisers would place themselves. Title track ‘Whole New Mess’ is a slow burning, grungy moment of self evaluation. Without reading into it the lyrics could be mistaken for the usual heartbreak tell tales, however look closer and you realise Olsen is referencing herself and the struggle she puts herself through due to her constant state of flux; a life of touring will never leave you grounded. “Take a photo for the press again, It won’t be long before it’s really showing, It’s every season where it is I’m going”. Through its off-beat strumming and baritone vocals it sets in motion the movement of this album, slow but with a lot to say. And there’s the soft and serene plucked ballad of ‘Waving, Smiling’. A story of lost love, but not regret. Olsen looks back on her former self with warmth, a feeling of content rather than resent. “All my fears, cried out all of those years, Now baby I’m lying, Laid out and smilin’, Look out my window, The sun is shining”.

There are moments on this album that feel a bit too familiar to their All Mirrors counterparts. ‘Chance (Forever Love)’ or just ‘Chance’ as it was known is one of the more intimate moments of All Mirrors, with it mainly being just Olsen and a piano throughout. It does glide through the familiar stringed crescendo, but it’s the sparsest sound on the album. It’s a gleaming closer and elegant end to a more than elegant album.And whilst the newer/ older version, depending on how you look at things still delivers an incredible vocal performance, there’s just not a huge amount of variation in terms of structure and feel. Perhaps thats why Olsen chose to close the album this time with ‘What It Is’ instead.

In a time where every artist imaginable are delivering stripped back versions of their songs, with the prospect of full band shows a long way off, it takes something special to really stand out. Yes this album was conceived and recorded a long time before any notion of this nightmare year unfolded, but if anyone was going to steal the crown for doing the most with the least, it would always be Angel Olsen.

Angel Olsen announces ticketed livestream event in aid of Musicares relief fund

Angel Olsen 2018 – Emma Swann/ DIY

Angel Olsen has announced a new ticketed livestream concert in aid of MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund and her touring crew. Titled ‘Still At Home – An Evening of Songs on Piano and Guitar’.

The event organiser said in a statement “Angel Olsen will be performing a full set of music from home – proceeds of tickets going to MusicCares COVID-19 Relief Fund and also directly to Angel’s band members and crew for wages lost due to COVID-19”.

The concert will take place on Saturday April 11th at 10PM GMT. Full ticket details can be found at the link here.

This comes after Olsen was forced to postpone her spring US tour and upcoming summer dates due to the coronavirus pandemic. New dates are still yet to be announced for the postponed shows.

Read the review of her recent London Hammersmith Apollo show here.