Beach House share Chapter 2 of upcoming album ‘Once Twice Melody’

Photo by David Belisle

Beach House have today shared Chapter 2 of upcoming album Once Twice Melody. The album is being released in four chapters with the full album being released on February 18th via Bella Union / Sub Pop. Pre-order here.

They have also released accompanying lyric visualisers for the four new tracks, watch below:

Chapter 1 (10th November 2021)

1. Once Twice Melody

2. Superstar

3. Pink Funeral

4. Through Me

Chapter 2 (8th December 2021)

5. Runaway

6. ESP

7. New Romance

8. Over and Over

Chapter 3 (19th January 2022)

9. Sunset

10. Only You Know

11. Another Go Around

12. Masquerade

13. Illusion of Forever

Chapter 4 (full album release, 18th February 2022)

14. Finale

15. The Bells

16. Hurts to Love

17. Many Nights

18. Modern Love Stories

Beach House will tour the UK & Europe in Spring 2022, buy tickets here.


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