Jockstrap “50/50” single review

Experimental London duo Jockstrap have just announced their signing to Rough Trade, alongside a brand new track entitled “50/50”, which asserts that the pair will not be defined by any specific genre.

Their previous tracks have blended electronica with classical arrangements and rap, however “50/50” is their most dancey and infectious yet. The track begins with the echoes of vocalist Georgia Ellery reciting vowel sounds, but the song only progresses into weirder yet wonderful territory, becoming equally clubby and fragmentary. “50/50” weaves in and out of thumping beats backed by repetitive lyrics, alongside glitchy sounds that unsettle the listener. The angelic tones of Ellery’s voice that have always been present in Jockstrap’s work still stand out despite the intense soundscape that surrounds us.

The band have also released a music video alongside the track, filmed on a handheld camera in the depths of Hackney venue The Glove That Fits during an encore of one of their recent shows. The sweaty bodies that thrash around to the track demonstrates the contagious energy the track emits.

Jockstrap are set to release more music next year, until then, listen to “50/50” below!


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