Kyoto Kyoto announce new EP, share new single “Fenderr”

Photo by Hanna Gabler

South-east London based 3-piece Kyoto Kyoto have today returned with their latest single “Fenderr”. The new single comes alongside the announcement of their debut EP Mirror Flexing Jaw, set to be released on January 28th via Blitzcat Records.

Moving through moments of Krautrock, post-punk and jazz the new single once again lives in a space of its own. The slow build up of guitar passages eventually erupt out into a frantic, distortion backed and yet controlled breakdown. As the robotic voice of singer Lev Ceylan ushers in through the soundscape you can’t help but feel like Kyoto Kyoto have a grip over every part of you, controlling your every movement with their insatiable groove.

In the mind of singer Lev Ceylan, it’s a monologue about time passing by through the eyes of an ageing dog – incrementally getting older, slower, as physical injuries take their toll and the emotional healing process gets longer.

“A depiction of how time is the only constant in all the chaos.”

Listen to the new single below!


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