Buggs share new single “Flaws”

Photo by Jody Evans

London-based indie four-piece Buggs (formerly BUGS) have shared “Flaws”, their first single since debut single “Nick Gowland”.

The storytelling ability that Buggs display on the new track is the greatest asset. Detailing the paranoia and insecurity she felt about herself that became overwhelming during the lockdowns.“This liquid I’m swimming in is grease, I’m sweet, I’m feeling fine” she sings, contradicting the unsettling nature of swimming in grease with feeling fine; hiding away her true feelings of discomfort. A backing of psychedelic and swirling instrumentation helps build up the eeriness of the track, creating the perfect blend of anxiety and unease.

About the track lead singer Alice said:

“I wrote Flaws about spending too much time chipping away at yourself in the mirror – obsessing over all of your faults and insecurities, thinking back over and over over things you’ve done or said, and becoming paranoid that your friends and family think you’re a bad person. Flaws is about my favourite activity during lockdown – self loathing.”

“As much as I have no desire for anyone to experience any level of self loathing I also am aware that feelings of insecurity and paranoia are one of the things that unite us all as human beings, and I think to hear about someone else feeling what you’re feeling can be comforting.”

Listen to the new single below!


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