Hana Vu announces new album ‘Public Storage’

Photo by Corinne Schiavone 

Los Angeles-based artists Hana Vu has announced Public Storage, her new album and debut for Ghostly International set to be released on 5th November. Pre-order here .She has also shared new single “Everybody’s Birthday”, following on from “Maker” released earlier in the year.

Speaking about the new album Vu said:

I am not religious, but when writing these songs I imagined a sort of desolate character crying out to an ultimately punitive force for something more,”

It’s about the collective misery and depressive introspection one experiences on their birthday, which in this era of being alone, can feel infinite.

Listen to the new single below!

Public Storage Tracklist

1. April Fool

2. Public Storage

3. Aubade

4. Heaven

5. Keeper

6. Gutter

7. My House

8. World’s Worst

9. Anything Striking

10. Everybody’s Birthday

11. I Got

12. Maker

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