Indigo De Souza shares new single “Real Pain”

Photo by Charlie Boss

Indigo De Souza has shared “Real Pain”, the latest single from her upcoming second album Any Shape You Take, set to be released on August 27th via Saddle Creek. This follows on from “Kill Me” and “Hold U”, both from the new album.

De Souza showcases a masterclass in subtle desperation. Over emotive guitars and a driving beat De Souza’s voice floats with an air of underlying anguish. You can feel she’s holding back right until the moment bursts out with a wave of catharsis and a chorus of distressed vocals flood the soundscape to bring this moment of pure raw emotion. Just as you think the tracks about to reach its breaking point De Souza reigns it in for one last melodic outburst.

Speaking on the new single De Souza said:

“Real Pain” is about facing grief and loss and having compassion for yourself in that space. It’s about learning to be unafraid of experiencing a full spectrum of emotion, and welcoming the way it teaches you and changes you. For one of the sections in the song, I put out an invitation for people to anonymously send me voice memos of “screams, yells, and anything else”. I layered the voices on top of one another to embody a kind of collective experience. I felt an incredible catharsis hearing their voices stacked with mine. While we live such separate lives, we are connected in the way that we all navigate immense amounts of pain and love and fear in our bodies every day. It can be hard to be a person! It’s okay to acknowledge that sometimes. It’s okay to feel things fully and to allow others space to do the same.

Listen to the new single below!

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