Kills Birds announce new album ‘Married’, share new single

Photo by Cheryl Georgette

Kills Birds have announced new album Married, set to be released on November 12th via Royal Mountain Records and KRO Records. Pre-order here. The band have also shared new single “Rabbit” along with an accompanying music video.

“Rabbit” may only be under 2 minutes but packs a punch so killer that it’ll be lucky if you make it out unscarred of any pit that this track soundtracks. It’s an expression of desperation felt through emotional abuse and asks the question of why you let yourself be in that situation. Lead singer Nina Ljeti’s visceral vocals drive this track to feel like a spin-kick to any emotional jaw whilst simultaneously acting as a platform for empowerment.

On the track, vocalist Nina Ljeti explains,

Lyrically, “Rabbit” is about the experience of being in an abusive relationship with a powerful person. To be with someone who was praised by the public, but hurt you (and others) in private really eviscerates your self worth. There’s nowhere to turn for help. Like many people who share this experience, this particular relationship defined the majority of my young adulthood, and I’m still dealing with the emotional consequences of it.

Listen to the new single below!


1. Rabbit
2. Cough Up Cherries
3. Natalie
4. Glisten
5. Reasoning
6. Offside
7. Woman
8. PTL
9. Good Planning
10. Wallowing
11. Married

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