IMOGEN releases new single “Lioncub”

IMOGEN has shared new single “Lioncub”, her second single of the year following on from “Bloodbag“.

The new single finds IMOGEN searching for empowerment within herself. Using her voice as the driving voice, IMOGEN evokes deep emotion through her cinematic vibrancy. “When will this end?” she asks as she dives into the chorus, soundtracked by sweeping synthesisers and glistening layers of harmonies.

Speaking on the track IMOGEN said:

“I originally wrote this song at the piano in a Goldsmiths practice room when I had just left Newcastle. I was dealing with conflicting feelings of homesickness, important relationships dissolving, childhood disappearing and entering into what I felt was an identity-less version of myself who didn’t know who, what or where she was meant to be. To me, Lioncub represents a complex self-questioning time between childhood and womanhood and the danger of searching for something that no longer serves you – questioning whether it ever really did – it’s the dangerous side of nostalgia.” 

Listen to the new single below!


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