Modern Woman release debut single “Offerings”, sign to End Of The Road Records

Photo by Alex Stephen Thurston

Modern Woman have today shared their debut single “Offerings” as well as announcing their signing to End Of The Road Records. The new label is established by the festival of the same name.

Modern Woman began life as the songwriting project of Sophie Harris, a literature graduate who started playing the songs solo at spoken word nights she ran. “I had a firm idea of the direction I wanted the project to go in, and I knew that couldn’t be achieved without a full band.” Harris says speaking of the band’s beginnings. “It was important to me to keep the tenderness and lyricism of folk music but blend this with heavier and weirder experimental elements.”

On their debut single the band twist and dance in-between various moments of fast-paced grinding punk riffs, fluttering vocal passages and wonky interludes. With vocals reminscent of the likes of Florence and The Machine, it’s easy to see why this band gained early praise from the likes of black midi and Squid.

Listen to the new single below!

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