You, Nothing. are breaking boundaries

When a band emerge with a sound that is so refreshing, yet brings together so many wide influences and sounds, you get something truly special. A cornerstone of alignments and crossed paths thats end result is something truly spectacular. Every part of that is true of You, Nothing., your new favourite shoegaze/punk/pop-punk/ dream-pop band. Formed of Gioia Podestà on guitar and vocals, Federico Costanzi on Guitars and synthesisers, Giulia Cinquetti on bass and Nicola Poiana on drums and drum machine. The band hail from Verona, Italy but have their sights set on the world. First emerging last year with debut single “Waves”, the band showcased their ability to create tender and yet ever expanding soundscapes that were shrouded with an underlying wave of longing. They’ve now broken out with their debut album “Lonely // Lovely“, that will have you head-banging one moment and feeling hopelessly nostalgic the next. It’s a remarkable showcase of just how diverse the band already are and leaves an incredible wealth of potential for whatever they want to go from here. We asked the bands a few questions about who, what, why and when they’re all about.

What drew each of you to music and how did you get into it?

We have all been playing for several years and we have all had various projects of different musical genres. The thing that unites us the most is that we all play because we need it, an essential need like breathing.

Where did the band form?

We formed in October 2019 in Verona, thanks to an ad from Federico on Facebook, where he wrote that he was looking for a singer, bassist and a drummer to start a project with shoegaze influences.

How would you describe your sound?

In our sound there are different influences; we easily pass from shoegaze to post punk, until we reach pop. We have combined the musical genres to which everyone is most attached and this album is the result. We do not feel we belong to a specific music scene and we want to continue in this direction, because it is precisely what characterises us most.

What’s the creative process behind a song?

It all starts with Federico (guitar) who writes the complete musical part or simple riffs, which are then elaborated in our rehearsal room together with Giulia (bass) and Nicola (drum). Lastly come the lyrics written by Gioia, the singer.

What does the album’s title mean or represent to you?

We like that each person can give their own personal meaning to these two words. In reality, the title of the album was a fairly casual juxtaposition of the two words, over time we have given it a deeper meaning, understood as a dualism between our more ethereal side and the more pounded and pounding part. Even the album cover depicts this concept through two girls (Alina and Ania, sisters in real life) in a mirrored position, with two similar but different energies.

What were some of the main themes you were trying to explore on this

The recurring themes in the songs on the album are loneliness, the search for oneself and the desire to escape. Perhaps the fact that most of the songs were written during the first lockdown in Italy helped, especially with regard to loneliness and the desire to escape.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

The bands that most influence our sound are Slowdive, Beach House, My Bloody Valentine, DIIV and Joy Division.

Favourite concert you’ve been to?

Gioia : The XX in Milan (2017) and also Be Forest in Verona (2019)
Federico: Sigur Ros, Jesolo (IT) 2013
Nicola: The Deftones in Bolzano (IT)

Favourite show you’ve played?

We as a band have only had the chance to perform live twice so far, including one without viewers, on Twitch. So we can say that our favorite live was in October, when we presented our album live for the first time, at Colorificio Kroen which is one of the most important live clubs in our city, but also in Italy. People were sitting and spaced out, but it was still a great experience.

What will it be like playing that first show once shows are allowed again?

The first show after all this bad period, we imagine it outdoors, maybe at a nice festival with various bands, lots of people and no restrictions. It would be great, and we hope this wish will come true as soon as possible.

Where would you like to be in a years time musically?

In a year we would like to release a second album, and be able to promote and play it live all over the world, without restrictions, with people standing and crowded at concerts. Playing in Italy remains important for us, but the biggest dream of all four is to travel the world thanks to our music. Opening the concert to some bands we adore would also be a dream.

What’s a cool fact about you that people might not know?

A cool fact about us that we noticed, is that a lot of people, blogs and webzines, are describing us as a very young band, but we must tell you the truth: we are almost in our 30s and over. We admit that we still feel like teenagers.

Lonely // Lovely is out now, available to purchase here.

Read our review of Lonely // Lovely here.

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