In Earnest release debut EP

Southend-on-sea indie folk 3 piece In Earnest have released their self-titled debut EP In Earnest. The EP contains previously released single ‘Put Me Under’, ‘Come Upstairs’ and ’29’.

Dancing between influences from the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, Bright Eyes and Julien Baker the 3 piece have crafted a refreshing sound palette that backs the deeply personal stories of mental health and personal nostalgia. Highlights include ‘in between’ that builds through crunchy riffs, synth flairs and intricate melodies to a harmonious and emotional climax. And the soft swaying ‘put me under’ that dances through honest and relatable stories of self love.

The band said this about the EP “We want listeners to connect, to feel something – our aim is to encourage discussion around difficult topics like mental illness. By sharing our experiences we hope to provoke thought and inspire others to start conversations as a result of our music.”

The EP was produced and mixed by Peter Waterman of Longcroft Recording (Uriah Heep, Hattie Briggs) and was solely recorded in a converted barn using mobile studio equipment. The band embraced an organic recording philosophy by opting to record full live takes, implementing minimal editing and forgoing the use of autotune.

To celebrate the release of the EP the band will be hosting livestream concerts on Instagram and Facebook.

Listen to the EP below.

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