DEWEY releases new single ‘Is It Infatuation?’

‘Is It Infatuation?’ is the incredible new single from DEWEY. The Brighton-based singer, songwriter and producer recently dropped the first track from her debut EP, ‘Savannah’, alongside a stunning video shot days before her diagnosis with ovarian cancer. Its followup, ‘Is It Infatuation?’, forms the next instalment of DEWEY’s EP to follow later this year, which she worked on alongside Dan Carey (Fontaines D.C., Bat For Lashes, Black Midi). 

A big pop record about obsession, lust, and its doomed status, ‘Is It Infatuation?’ is an intoxicating introduction to the world of DEWEY. She describes the track as an unaplogetically “queer anthem! Infatuation and sexual desire with a woman; a complete obsession of the sensual world and the idealisation and fascination of her. I was so bewildered by her beauty and would daydream about being with her again. She would write me letters which kept me in a fantasy.”  The video for ‘Is It Infatuation?’ was shot by DEWEY via a drone under lockdown, mirroring the track’s romantic voyeurism and vividly capturing where DEWEY is now (in stark contrast to ‘Savannah’, and where she was then). 

DEWEY’s upcoming EP was born in Sóller, a Balearic island town surrounded by citrus groves, ominous mountains, and frequent thunderstorms. DEWEY wrote here for three consecutive winters, with the ambition to make the kind of record she wishes she might’ve heard growing up as a queer teenager. It’s a fever-pitch of desire that you feel in the bones of tracks like ‘Is It Infatuation?’, which DEWEY completed around any work she could to make ends meet (from cleaning back in the UK to farming around the US).  DEWEY was all set to start her solo career with ‘Savannah’ last spring, but was rushed to hospital the day after filming the video, in which she can be seen clutching her abdomen, with a diagnosis for cancer. Major surgery and chemotherapy has since followed, though DEWEY does not see herself as a victim: the experience, she believes today, has been a huge wake-up call. 

In 2020, DEWEY has emerged an artist with a greater sense of purpose. The importance that the music made during a darker chapter in her life sees the light of day was further propelled by the passing of a close friend she made in treatment. “We were in and out of hospital together. She had the same cancer as me and the treatment didn’t fucking work for her. I’m just really grateful that I’m here.” ‘Is It Infatuation?’ is ultimately the start of a much longer love affair with DEWEY, and her utterly bewitching new music. Read our interview with her here.

Watch the new video below.

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