Tony Bontana announces debut album “Di-Splay”

Photo by Nathan Rose

Since last speaking with Tony Bontana just over a month ago for his EP Eurotony, Tony returns again for his latest venture Di-Splay; a full length LP becoming available to the public October 3rd. This album follows Tony’s latest single “Rocks Often Shine The Brightest” and EP Cognitive Dissonance. Di-Splay features guest appearances from the likes of oghost, Dan Oddysee, Dylantheinfamous, Hughie and many more.

Tony Bontana – Di-Splay || Cover art by oghost

The track listing for Di-Splay follows as such:

  1. Don’t Lose Faith (Prod. Tony Bontana)
  2. Keep It A1 (Prod. Dylantheinfamous)
  3. Bleeding Guns (Prod. Tony Bontana)
  4. New Age Poet (Prod. Glasshouse)
  5. The Leak ft. Dan Oddysee (Prod. oghost)
  6. Key2Kuestion (Prod. Tony Bontana)
  7. Kray4Black (Interlude)
  8. No Games (Prod. Aloisius)
  9. Villain (Prod. Dan Oddysee)
  10. I’ll Hold You (Prod. Tony Bontana)
  11. Flying Over Broken Wings ft. Origho (Prod. Hughie)
  12. Miles (Prod. oghost)
  13. FFP (Interlude)
  14. Home Is Where My Friends Is (Prod. Tony Bontana)
  15. Krewtopia (Prod. Tony Bontana)
  16. Beamin’ Up ft. Dan Oddysee (Prod. oghost)
  17. They Don’t Kare (Prod. oghost)
  18. Grey Guts (Prod. Tony Bontana)
  19. Nature Boy (Prod. Tony Bontana)
  20. Katalyst4Khange

To get yourself ready for Di-Splay, make sure to listen to Bontana’s last EP Cognitive Dissonance.

Di-Splay comes out on the 3rd October. To pre-save the album on Spotify, follow the link here. For everything Tony Bontana, keep following Real Tasty Music.

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