Introducing: Tony Bontana

Producer, rapper, mixing and mastering engineer Tony Bontana hails from midlands metropolis, Birmingham. Bontana moves with eagerness, since the creation of his co-run label Everything Is Perfect just over a year ago, the label and Bontana have seen an explosion of releases featuring a diverse variety of sounds, messages and voices. The labels music and Bontana’s work comes at a point in Hip-Hop where the genre is evolving and these records are the forefront evidence of this case. Before his latest LP Eurotony, I was able to exchange words with Tony and talk all things Bontana and Perfect.

What’s your story? How did you come to producing music? What made you start?

Born in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Birmingham) 3rd October on a Thursday evening. Moms said i came out rapid Word is the nurse had to catch me…. I was born moving. I Started playing with the guitar real early, like 6/7. I got my first guitar as a birthday present while i was in hospital (for asthma.) My relationship with music is perfectly summed up by those times because i was just recreating any sounds i like on my guitar or learning tabs to my favourite bands. I Joined my first band at 16 and it was my first time being part of something bigger than myself we had support all over the world I had never experienced that. We did a few tours around the UK / Europe over the next few years until the band split in 2018. Life was busy for all the members so we ended it before it got tired. After that i didn’t really have anyway of getting music out so i learned to produce for myself (thanks to my old flat mate dan he let me use his Mac OD to produce) and the rest is history.

Throughout your music, it’s clear to see that both lyricism and production are so clearly fulfilled with uniqueness and passion. When making a track how do your lyrics and samples find you?

As with everything in life its a feeling. I just know when somethings right for me.

Who or what inspires you as an artist?

My life and my loved ones inspire me thats where i draw inspiration for all my music. I really try to keep it as literal as i can.

What are three records or artists that have changed your life?

Ninebar – Urban Legends
Erykah Badu – Baduizm
Xavier Wulf – Damare Shizukani

In response to your single I’ll Hold You (you know i would) and the sounds you use in general, you are pushing a new boundary for hip-hop. It seems as though the genre has potentially developed a new focus. How do you think the sound of the genre has arrived to the point where
we are today?

I appreciate that. Thank you bro. I feel that as the world continues to change people are becoming more and more open to a “new” way of thinking. Emotional intelligence. Honesty & Love. You can hear it. The truth sounds so good no matter how it sounds. A lot of people speaking their truths right now.

Eurotony by Tony Bontana. Cover art by Myst1k.

Your latest LP Eurotony is out 1st August, how did this record come into fruition?

I became inspired by the artists around me / the label (Kristallo Stone / Myst1k / Venom22k / Hughie) To try a certain sound. They’ve been going crazy and pushing this new alternative futuristic trap sound and it’s really happening in Birmignham. The city don’t even know but it’s about to go crazy in the next few years! I digress lol. I hit up Hughie (Exec Producer) and pitched the idea and he was immediately down to work. We probably finished this project in two weeks…..we work similar, efficient. He really made this happen.

What music are you currently listening to on repeat?
The Cure – Disintegration (Album)
Husker Du – Don’t Wanna Know if you are lonely
Hook (My favourite rapper no cap)

The label you run with Sink600& oghost, Everything is Perfect Records, has seen an enormous output since its creation just over a year ago. Collaboration seems like a key part of the label, especially on Hickupz last release. How do you meet like-minded producers and lyricists?

You get back what you put out….. We really love music and like minded people just gravitate. When you love music it’s a bond that transcends alot of A-typical relationships.

What are your favourite places in Birmingham?
Selly Oak cus it’s the ends. Nice food spots too especially if you’re Veggie / Vegan. Moseley Just because it’s got a taste of everything and Digbeth but it’s gonna be gentrified soon so…. (I’m real cut about that. The government is literally destroying culture for a rahted slug & lettuce.)

Do you go to The Diskery at all? I can imagine that’s a gold mine for samples…

Yeah I love the diskery. My dad spent his first paycheck there! I only got a vinyl player a few days ago so only been digging a few days lol.

What can we expect to see from you and the label for the rest of the year?

Music and Growth. This is still the infant stages of the label so we’ve got a lot of learning to do but just know the output is gonna be special.

Thanks for having me.

(Tell your loved ones that you love them if you haven’t already today)

A big big big thank you to Tony for taking part in this interview. Tony’s latest LP Eurotony is available to listen to through Spotify. Some of his works can also be found through Soundcloud, Bandcamp along with Everything Is Perfect‘s discography. I hope everyone is able to get a little more Bontana in their life.

Photo Credit – Nathan Rose ( @nathjrose )

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