PINS – Hot Slick Album Review

Haus Of Pins – 2020

Manchester based 3 piece PINS return with their latest offering of pop hooks, punk riffs and electro grooves. It’s been 5 years since their last full length album ‘Wild Nights’ and nearly 3 years since they released their single ‘Aggrophobe’ featuring punk and rock icon Iggy Pop. On ‘Hot Slick’ the riffs are tight, the rolling bass lines are compact and the chorus’ pop.

Throughout the production is dense and compact and every instrument pop’s out. There’s moments that make you feel as though you’re squeezed into a tiny club venue as the band plays meters away. Like opener ‘Hot Slick’ which features some very tight marching rhythm drumming, a grinding chorus guitar riff and compressed vocal harmonies. There’s a great blend of punk, pop and electronic instrumentation throughout, with some moments reminiscing in the electro-pop stylings of a St. Vincent album. This especially comes through on ‘Ponytail’ with its scratching sub bass, eerie guitar riffs and glitchy synth melodies.

One of PINS’ forte’s is creating a big catchy chorus. These come out in full swing on tracks like ‘Bad Girls Forever’ as they sing “Daddy’s eyes, you’ve got your Daddy’s eyes”. And the track ‘Read My Eyes’ as the anthemic “Don’t make me say it again” creates a big climax from the build up frustration the verse lyrics of just trying to live their life without the judgement and downplays of others.

Throughout the album there’s some strong feminist themes and anthemic messages that hit hard through the punchy instrumentation. Like on the track ‘After Hours’ which is almost like a call to arms through its lyrics .”Doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter how, do something and do it now”. The chorus then plays like a parody of a stereotypical women. “I’m just a women in the world, inexplicable, despicable, your very very typical girl”. Which is backed up by these soft “ooh, ooh’s” as if to taunt the people who aren’t letting them express themselves.

For all the punchy moments on the album there are a few that feel a bit lacklustre in comparison. The track ‘Set Me Off’ has a bit more of a looser groove to it, with its disjointed bass line and occasional synth flairs it feels a bit underwhelmed and stripped back too far, leaving just the bare minimum of the track left. Although repetition on a chorus line features heavily throughout this album, on the track ‘Love You To Death’ this is pushed to it’s limits. Nearly the entire 3 and a half minutes is spent repeating the same verse and the line “Don’t forget, I love you to death”, either from the feature of Leather Party and there’s barely any progression beyond this.

A strong comeback for the 3-piece girl band. They still know how to right a killer riff and catchy melodies. There may be moments that aren’t as potent as the rest but there’s still some bangers laced throughout.

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