Yellow Days announces a new album with a song featuring Mac DeMarco

Photos for Line Of Best Fit & Rolling Stone

George Van Den Broek aka Yellow Days has announced a new album ‘A Day In A Yellow Boat’ and shared new single ‘Love Is Everywhere’. The new 23 track album is the follow up to 2017’s ‘Is Everything Okay In Your World?’. The album is set to be released on August 7th and will feature artists like Mac DeMarco, Shirley Jones and Nick Walters. This will be the first feature from DeMarco since last years feature on The Garden’s track ‘Thy Mission’.

The album will also feature previously released single ‘Treat You Right

Take a listen to the new single below.

1: Intro
2: Be Free
3: Let You Know
4: (The Outsider)
5: Who’s There? (feat. Shirley Jones)
6: Getting Closer
7: Come Groove (Interlude)
8: Keep Yourself Alive
9: Open Your Eyes (feat. Shirley Jones & Nick Walters)
10: !(feat. Bishop Nehru)
11: (Pot Party)
12: Keeps Me Satisfied
13: You
14: (What Goes Up Must Come Down)
15: The Curse (feat. Mac DeMarco)
16: Let’s Be Good To Each Other
17: Whatever You Wanna Do
18: Something Special (Interlude)
19: So Lost
20: I Don’t Mind
21: (Mature Love)
22: Treat You Right
23: Love Is Everywhere

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