Live Review: Amyl & The Sniffers – Studio 9294, London – 7/12/19

These Mutts Can’t Be Muzzled

A long year of touring the world following their breakout debut album, received to much critical acclaim, even bagging themselves an ARIA award for Best Rock Album, and gaining a fast growing loyal following sees Amyl & The Sniffers don the narrow stage of Hackney’s Studio 9294 for the second sold out night of their 2 night residency.

The 600 capacity venue feels warm and alive even with the harsh winter winds outside as every fan here has a deep admiration for the band and the energy that they know they’ll bring with them.  

Often described as ‘Pub Punk’ this is the perfect setting for a band of this caliber, dingy lighting,  a makeshift stage and the odd Christmas wreath dotted around just incase you forgot what time of year it was.

Provocative performance art drag queen Charity Kase is the first support of the night, setting the mood for the rest of the evening as he creeps onto the stage to the booming sound of Apex Twin’s ‘Come To Daddy’ slow tearing off various plastic bags taped to him. Capturing the audiences attention comes naturally to Charity Kase as he creates cauldron of various substances, toothpaste and red stripe to name a couple set to a barrage of erotic dances which leaves a sweet taste In the audiences mouth, it may be hard to say the same for Charity Kase though.

Next up is Alternative Punk act Nuha Ruby Ra, most known for her work with Arrows Of Love as lead singer. Accompanied by her saxophonist she carries on the atmosphere of intense passion and building up the excitement in the compact room even further. Blasting through a set of Avant-Garde punk pieces she leaves the audience ready and waiting for what they’ve all communed here for.

Ripping straight into action with killer track ‘Gacked On Anger’. Vicious and raw the band know how to command the action from the get go, like a chaotically choreographed dance routine the audience leap into action, throwing themselves left right and centre to the harsh guitar riffs and chanting back the choruses to lead singer Amy Taylor like a well rehearsed national anthem of punk.

Although these are songs of anger, they are also songs of passion and love, which is reflected when Amy tells the audience to ‘be careful out there, that floor is hard as shit, if someone falls you pick them back up’. This feeling is definitely reflected throughout the audience as there were a couple of times I had to be saved from the great beyond.

It’s hard to tell at points when a song has finished and the next has started but this doesn’t bother anybody as everybody’s here to, in the words of Amy Taylor ,“Get Rowdy” on this cold Saturday night. Like a survival of the fittest with the band as the commanding officers, the show races by at a million miles an hour, giving no time to breath and leaving only the brave to face the mosh pit.

The setlist is largely dominated by their debut album, but the audience would probably be disappointed with anything else, however we are treated to a new unreleased cut “Guided By Angels” which has made a couple of appearances in the other shows from this tour.

The energy of the room peaks as the euphoric chorus of “Got You” is belted out by the entire fanbase as the band and audience became one and it really did feel like everybody in the room had ‘Got Each Other’.

Never one to shy away from the action Amy clears the floor and opens up the pit only to place herself directly in the middle. She gives the countdown as the opening riff to ‘Some Mutts Can’t Be Muzzled’ revs up and as soon as the drums kick into action she signals for the audience to commence the mosh all around her and isn’t afraid to throw herself around as if she was just another member of the audience.

They may have been far from home but Amyl & The Sniffers certainly made Studio 9294 feel like theirs for the night, a sweaty and energy filled home.

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